Major Business Activities
Established back in July 1992, Al Hamed Development and Construction L.L.C. practically started operation towards middle of 1993. It is one of the leading local construction companies in the United Arab Emirates, classified in almost all types of construction classifications with Abu Dhabi Planning Department, Dubai Department of Economics and Sharjah Department of Commerce.

The Company has achieved throughout the past seven and a half years a growth that has never been achieved in the construction business industry locally regionally or even internationally. Major activities of the company vary from :

Multi-Storey Residential, Commercial and Office Buildings
Healthcare and Hospitals together with the furniture and Medical Equipment.
Water Distribution Networks, Major Water Lines and Associated Works

Water Reservoirs, Overhead Tanks and Pumping Stations
Drainage Networks and Storm Drain System
Sewerage Stations, Sewerage Treatment Plants, Networks and House Connections
Electro-Mechanical and Industrial Installations
Instrumentation, Control and Sophisticated Building Services' Systems
Oil and Gas Installations and Services
Infrastructure Constructions and Services
Maintenance and Renovation for Civil and M.E.P. Works
Facility Management and Operation and Maintenance

Mission Statement
The main driving force in today's construction, engineering and development markets is the demand by clients for a quality service responsive to all their needs, from the provision of individual skills to management, with full responsibility, of the most complicated project.

Al Hamed Development and Construction L.L.C. will contine to emphasise the highest quality of management, financial strength and controls throughout its operation.

These are the basis for Al Hamed's growth and the sound foundation of its strategy:

To offer any construction, engineering, development and maintenance services the client needs
To ensure that every service offered is the best and highest cost-effective in its market and to offer these services wherever the client needs them at any site location throughout the UAE.
And to diversify business activities to include Roads Construction and Maintenance Works

Current Products & Services Portfolio

Al Hamed has currently 23 projects under construction in varous stages those projects can be catergorized as follows: (Projects' Value are in UAE Dirham, US$ = Dhs. 3.68)

Housing Projects 285,600,000
Multi-Storey Buildings 220,574,255
Water Projects 205,481,821
Healthcare 118,900,000
Sewerage and Drainage Works 108,736,398
Commercial and Retail 106,559,603
Infrastructure 102,387,306
Recreational and Leisure 67,449,130
Maintenance and Miscellaneous Works 21,134,280
Total Value in UAE Dirhams 1,236,822,793


Completed Projects

The company has successfully completed a wide range of projects in varous categories and construction specifications, those can be summarized as :
(Projects' Value are in UAE Dirham, US$ = Dhs. 3.68)

Medium / Low Rise Buildings 508,107,958
High Rise and Multi-Storey Buildings 465,647,582
Residential Buildings 458,532,851
Public and Governmental Buildings 412,031,308
Commercial and Retail Buildings 404,234,504
Recreational and Leisure 294,833,395
Projects for the UAE Armed Forces 219,871,463
Telecommunications 150,535,587
Educational Buildings 149,305,010
Infrastructure Works 142,438,036
Drainage Projects 91,173,722
Healthcare Projects 74,421,859
Water Projects 49,700,400
Maintenance Works 42,492,047
Projects for Oil and Gas Sector 22,085,188


Manegement Profile
Major Key Personnel and Decision Makers:

Managing Partner

Mahmoud Khalid

Marketing and Business Development Manager

Ausama Zubaidi

Finance Manager Zaki Al Saleh
Administration Manager Bassam Hamdan
Oil and Gas Contracts Manager Adnan Nasla
Operations Manager Waleed Al Tayeh
Abu Dhabi and Western Area Contracts Manager Mahmoud El Khaldy
Dubai and Northern Emirates Regional Manager Naim Kablawi
Al Ain Area Manager Azzam Bustami
Power and Industrial Division Manager Nedal Sinan
Water and Drainage Division Manager Imad Beidas
Masonry and Tiling Works Division Manager Mohamed Akbar
Plant & Equipment Division Manager Raad Mikhail
Procurement Manager Mohammed Yasin
Purchasing Manager Mohammed Javed

Planning Manager

Ahmed Hamshari

Chief Estimator

Thrilochanan Nair
Budgeting and Cost Control Manager T. V. Wiswambaran

Maintenance Division Manager

Abdul Rauf Samara

Specialised Works Division Manager Samir Duraidi
Carpentry and Joinery Division Manager Sharif Ahmed
Human Resources Manager Amin Jaser

Quality Assurance Manager

Kassem Al Zubeidi

Health, Safety and Environment Manager

Muraleedharan Pillai

For more information please visit:
Address & Contact Numbers
Head Office

Al Hamed Development and Construction L.L.C.
(Sheikh Shaya & Co.)

Al Hosn Plaza, Sheikh Zayed the First Street
01 level
P.O.Box 45885,
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
TEL :(+971 2) 667 2200
FAX :(+971 2) 667 3234

Contact: Mr. Ausama A Zubaidi,
Marketing & Business Development Manager
E-Mail: :

Dubai Office

Al Hamed Development and Construction L.L.C.

Al Safa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
Service Floor Level
P.O.Box 2380
United Arab Emirates
TEL :(+971 4) 332 9162
FAX :(+971 4) 332 9164

Contact: Mr. Naim Kablawi,
Dubai & Northern Emirates Regional Manager

Sharjah Office

Al Hamed Development and Construction L.L.C.(Sheikh Shaya & Co.)

H.E. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamed Building, Al Majaz
Mezzanine Floor
P.O.Box 22239
United Arab Emirates
TEL :(+971 6) 556 5051
FAX :(+971 6) 556 5032

Contact: Mr. Naim Kablawi,
Dubai & Northern Emirates Regional Manager

Al Ain Office

Al Hamed Development and Construction L.L.C.(Sheikh Shaya & Co.)

Al Ain Zoo
P.O.Box 20687
Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
TEL :(+971 3) 781 0530
FAX :(+971 3) 781 0531

Contact: Mr. Azam Bustami,
Al Ain Area Manager

Western Area - Oil and Gas Sector Office

Al Hamed Development and Construction L.L.C.(Sheikh Shaya & Co.)

Jabel Dhanna, Al Hamed Development & Contruction Offices
P.O.Box 45885
Ruwais, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
TEL :(+971 2) 877 1400
FAX :(+971 2) 877 1105

Contact: Mr. Adnan Nasla,
Oil & Gas Contracts Manager